Our Story

Founded by Mary Ann Kafati and Rebecca Rosenthal in June 2015, Estela was created to offer women revolutionary swim pieces while empowering Honduran women. The brand not only makes unique bathing suits with the highest quality materials, but also stimulates local talent and craftsmanship. Working with embroidery cooperatives in rural villages, their textile artisans adapt traditional embroidery techniques to suit Mary Ann’s contemporary designs. While everything is 100% made in Honduras, the patterns are made by swimwear experts in Colombia.

Rebecca and Mary Ann realized they shared the same vision to create something new while showcasing Honduran talent. Rebecca studied international business at New York University, and Mary Ann got her degree in Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing, Merchandising and Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Knowing one would be the business brains, and the other would be artist, they both decided to take the plunge and bring their idea to life. They are committing to creating innovative, chic swimwear, and strengthening business women throughout the whole country.

Each swimsuit is crafted by embroidery cooperatives in Honduras empowering native women to provide for their families by earning fair wages for their craft, receive an education, and eventually be able to start their own businesses.